Christian Hopkins Creative Director


This is based on a true story about a fox who leads two geologists a rich diamond discovery in Siberia in 1955.

We worked with Eco-Age and Golden Goose PR to reduce the script to a basic storyline to work within 60 seconds.

To work with the timeframe and budget we used a mixed media approach, building sets from paper with all the character animation being done in 2D and cel.

Dynamic lighting played a key role in setting the tone, crafting the atmospheric snowy, forest scenes, and the passage of time in the final shot.

This film was used in both horizontal and vertical formats so framing the action for both was a factor in the overall aesthetic.

We worked with Peter Mauder (Phonotheque) to create an original score and complete the tone of the film.


  • Natural Diamond CouncilClient

Who pooled - The Fox and the Diamonds