Chris Creative Lead


Everyone ignores ads, right? Wrong. We combatted one of our industry’s biggest challenges by hiding our super-rare and super-sought after white Creme Eggs in the last place you’d expect… other brands’ ads! We got the nation to stop skipping and start searching for... ads.

We reached 88% of all UK adults at least five times each, had 15.7 million completed video views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and a huge 35% VTR rate on our skippable YouTube ads. Not bad considering 90% of people usually skip this type of ad.
This engagement was the first step into a more involving multimedia experience – in total we hid 42 eggs, which were found a massive 760k times!
Most importantly, sales increased by 9.9%. All the more significant considering Creme Egg is already the UK’s biggest Easter brand.


Hunt the White Creme Egg