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I was commissioned to create a brand identity and assets to help Danielle Larson better market and position her photography business. Danielle wanted to have something that instantly said photography, but she also liked the idea of a monogram and after working through a series of logo options and routes she chose one that used clear clean shapes paired with a geometric typeface.

Following from this I worked to create marketing materials that supported Danielle's brand and positioning. With a client base that is a mix of motorsports teams, private owners clubs and high net-worth individuals, I chose an uncoated stock for printed materials with a foil embossed logo on select materials. Show cards were created for short run printing so that imagery could be swapped out and targeted depending on the audience and at short notice.

In addition to the print and branding work, a website was created that could be easily updated by the client and showcase a range of Danielle's automotive and fashion photography work. It was important to make sure that a call to action was visible at all points and that it supported multiple, easily customisable galleries.


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Danielle Larson Photography brand design and marketing assets