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Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of creativity and technology. I am passionate about the ability for digital to connect with consumers in a meaningful and relevant way to increase brand engagement and drive sales.

I have been lucky to work with some of the world's biggest brands and I enjoy being a strategic partner for each of these businesses, helping them improve their digital experiences and communications to drive real business value.

I am passionate about talent and culture. I firmly believe a business is only as good as its people and happy people produce better work. Ensuring our business is staffed by the industry's top talent, and that everybody is working together to deliver innovative, creative solutions that have a role in culture is my number one goal.

There's nothing I enjoy more at work than helping clients to find solutions to their marketing challenges. I honestly believe that agencies have a duty to help clients look past siloed channels and gain a complete, three-dimensional view of the customer experience.

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