Romina Chetraru Art Director


the line
neither of us ever dares mention
when we sew
our gums infected with animosity
infected with our silence
the line
I trespassed
my gaze slithers
towards your nervous tic
your straightjacket
your alphabet
broken at Q

poem/directing - romina chetraru
editing - amedeo traversa
sound design - alessandro nepote
she - nicoletta racu
he - michael marata
her voice - anna belluzzi
his voice - fabio bosco

Punctul is my first poetry book published in Moldova last summer thanks to the ingenious Moldovan publishing house Bestseller which aims to find and promote young writers.

I started my project with a profound observation of the changes that are undergoing our culture and communication in the digital age. The development of the network and digital technologies are opening new horizons every day and this has led me to wonder what poetry is today, what is the creative and strategic medium to communicate/promote a poetry book or a book in general, so the aim of the project is trying to find an alternative, experimental and creative resolution for this challenge.

After a long analysis of marketing and exploration of the various trends in visual art as well as a detailed iconographic, translation and digital reflection, I decided to take my project in the direction of cinepoetry - originally cinematic art with poetic sense, but which has permuted its meaning in cinematic poetry.

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Date published: 17 December 2020 2020-12-17T21:11:37+0000

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