Chady Rizk Storyboard Artist


This project is 4 samples displaying roughly 4 steps to completed-A-to-Z storyboarding service I offer:

1) First draft
The first draft will be only be delivered as lightly pencilled illustrations until confirmed later. Notes & comments will be given and adjustments will be made accordingly

2) Second draft
The second draft will be marked/darkened; the illustrated frames will become complete and properly scanned. And it will be assembled & delivered in the required storyboard format. Notes & comments can be added

3) Extras
Background, scenery and surrounding [...] details can be added depending on the desired output

4) Final
The storyboard will be completed

Date created: November 2020 2020-11-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 27 November 2020 2020-11-27T14:39:47+0000


Samples of steps to A-to-Z-storyboarding