Cell48 London



Tata Motors were launching their new modular platform, allowing different vehicles to be produced on the same platform(wheel base), from family SUVs to urban hatchbacks.

To showcase the versatility of the platform, Tata launched two different cars at the Indian and Geneva motor shows. As one of the biggest launches for Tata in years and the headline at the Indian motor show, expectations were high.

Our task was to create a story that would clearly highlight they key design features of both cars, whilst taking the audience on through an engaging video using a mixture of live-action footage and CGI environments.



Our concept was to show that the “DNA” of the platform could be used to create various different cars, producing a family of vehicles. Like any family there were different personalities and attitudes that we needed to express.

For the launch the focus was on two different personas. The cool urban car 45X that was packed with technology and H5X the perfect for getting out of the city and the active family car. As the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, we needed to show that the H5X was based on the Range Rover.



With the both cars still in development and not available until the motor shows, we needed to shoot the reference vehicles and replace them in post-production.

Filmed over four days with a tracking vehicle, from the streets of London to Black rock Sands in Wales we captured the reference vehicles in multiple different environments.

Taking the data provided by Tata, we remodelled both vehicles and replaced all reference vehicles. Along with the reference vehicles, we also created motion graphics to call out key features and messages of the vehicles.

TATA Motors - 45X & H5X. One Thought, Two Expressions, Multiple Possibilities.