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Corning needed to communicate how they’ve been advancing the science of glass and related materials, disrupting industries and delivering life-changing innovations.

Our challenge was to create an interactive experience that intertwines Corning’s reach across multiple market access platforms: Optical Communications, Mobile Consumer Electronics, Display, Automotive and Life Sciences Vessels.



Our concept was to create a digital experience, with three core touchpoints: a website, a 360 interactive experience and a video. This combination of touchpoints was specifically selected to serve content to our audience to promote deeper levels of engagement. Together they show where Corning products are used and how their innovations play a part in our everyday lives.

With the video playing a key role in the digital experience, we set out to develop an overarching narrative that seamlessly integrated all the Corning businesses into one film, but also allowed for each individual business to be extracted for additional marketing purposes. A bright blue sheen overlay was selected as the mechanic to draw attention to the Corning technologies or products in the video, which we would add in during the post-production phase.



The new brand video was produced and filmed on a 5 day shoot in Barcelona and London, with the 360 scenes captured at each key moment. Bringing the footage back into studio, we designed unique UI for the products showcased, before integrating them into the video and seeing the scenes come to life alongside a compelling narrative.

The website was crafted to act as a central hub, providing more background on Corning’s businesses, history, and launching users into the interactive video experience.

Users were invited to watch the new film, stopping along the way to deep dive into key scenes and explore in 360. Hotspots were chosen to highlight these keys products to a user as they explored the 360 scenes – allowing them to read on and find out more. To ensure the best experience, the product hotspots also tracked progress as they were selected and viewed, allowing viewers to know where they were in the journey.

This project encompassed our core offering at Uber Digital – the combination of motion, design and technology – and is one we are incredibly proud to have worked on and delivered.


Project featured: on 23rd October 2018

Life in the Glass Age - Exploring Corning's glass innovations in our everyday lives