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Cebas Visual Technology Inc., is the developer of two major 3dsMax plugins for visual effects artists and designers:

V/FX: thinkingParticles 6 Drop 6

Multi-Physics simulation has never been better and more advanced; fluid simulations and rigid body interactions have been optimized and resemble real world physics behaviour. Surprisingly, improving thinkingParticles simulation accuracy has no penalty and what you see is what you get with amazingly fast simulation times. Drop 6 delivers greater Procedural Volumetric Controls: All Purpose Fields. Using the Power of 3D Volume effects plus Dynamic AP-Fields, you can now use any 3dsMax Shape and transform it into 3D fields, Velocity fields from particle animations. tP 6.6 also sees the delivery of a most stable SPH Solver.


Interior CG, Arch Viz, Technical Illustration : finalRender trueHybrid & finalToon

finalRender is the new breed of light simulation software offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation not found in any other renderer for 3ds Max. trueHybrid means that it does no longer matter if you create photo real images on a CPU, on a GPU or both at the same time.

Physically Based (Spectral) Wavelength Simulation

Unbiased Rendering without Compromise

Unlimited Network Rendering Available

Fast Iterations, save time and cost

finalToon 4.0 is available as an integral part of finalRender or as a standalone product. finalToon 4.0 is included with a full subscription of finalRender.

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