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Working with director Jennifer Sheridan and Leopard Pictures, I scored 5-part BBC TV series The Snow Spider writing music for things like the intro sequence, pre-titles, credits and key themes as well as sound designing some of the sound effects heard throughout the series.

The Snow Spider is an adaption of Jenny Nimmo's trilogy of books and tells the tale of a young Welsh boy called Gwynn who uncovers his powers as a magician and has to battle against evil powers as part of his journey through Welsh folklore. Filmed in Wales itself, this beautiful film encapsulates the mystery and enchantment of Nimmo's books and provided me with a visually rich canvas upon which to score.

For the title sequence, I needed to create something with a strong melody that was big, powerful and exciting to open each episode. To do that, I used a traditional orchestral palette together with synths, Celtic wind instruments, choirs and sound effects to drive things along.

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