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Takaya: Lone Wolf is the remarkable story of a lone wolf living against the odds and its incredibly close bond with one woman, wildlife photographer Cheryl Alexander. The documentary is set on a remote island archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, which Takaya swam to and has chosen for a home.

Despite being a highly social pack animal, Takaya lives a life of quiet isolation hundreds of miles from other wolves, existing entirely on a marine diet. The film is a captivating exploration of the connection and trust that Cheryl has forged with Takaya over five years.

Working for Talesmith Ltd., I worked for four-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Martin Williams to create the soundtrack to Takaya : Lone Wolf. The project was on a tight schedule as it was due for release on the BBC, CBC and Arte shortly after August 2019 meaning I had to score the music in unusual circumstances in under two weeks.

Setting up a makeshift studio in a quaint Andalucian coastal town in the province of Huelva, Spain, I sampled local sounds to create musical pads and sounds to incorporate in the score while my wife and daughter enjoyed the seaside. The soundtrack for Takaya : Lone Wolf is a combination of traditional orchestral instruments ranging from strings, woodwinds and tuned percussion together with synths, sound design and some acoustic instruments peppered throughout.


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