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We have taken a journey. It’s been a shared path towards beauty beyond shape and distance. Looking for this simple beauty to be seen with our hearts has been a matter of necessity to us. Not only does it coincide with our mission, but it also helps us discover ourselves in others. We have started off from authenticity, memory and love. From the idea that food is culture, enjoying time spent together and reconnecting to others. A long journey that is leading us to work with the world’s best chefs to share the bond between land and wine, flavours and cultures.

We have chosen Vietnam as our privileged destination. It’s such a faraway country but we feel that Italy has a deep bond with it. Indeed, when it comes to the silent strength of beauty, culture and hard work, distance vanishes and what it brings us together emerges.
The one that we have taken is, somehow, a journey back home. We have taken a challenge and seen a reflection of ourselves in our chef ambassador.
We have walked together and he has helped us build a bridge between the hearts of these two countries. It’s been a journey made of honest and authentic gestures showing traditions and cultures. We have heard touching stories of fathers and children. Lineage has turned into a path and then a major road to walk on to reach a common goal.
To us, wine is culture and also a way to build relationships. We needed this journey to fully savour similarities between two peoples despite their geographical distance and different cultures. We have tasted commitment and tradition. The strive for giving our best and improving our work. For being ethical, authentic and conscious professionals.

Here it is. The beauty of San Marzano and Vietnam, of Puglia and Far East. The beauty of quality food and dedication sublimated into our chef’s creations paired with our wines. Every recipe tells a story and every face shows one’s life that goes beyond the personal sphere and embraces the community. Therefore, the one we have taken is a journey back to our roots, a tale celebrating a mutual dream and perpetuating a world made of stories, commitment and excellence.

Welcome back home.

Written and Directed by Frankie Caradonna
Produced by We Are Happy, Milan
Client San Marzano Wines
Starring Luke Nguyen
Executive Producer Mauro Mastronicola
Cinematography by Mik Allen
Edited by Frankie Caradonna
Copy by Piero Babudro
Music and Sound Design by James O’Connell
Producer & 1st AD Alessandro Salerno
Color Grading by Diego La Rosa
Mix by Giga Sound
Prod service HK film Vietnam


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