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In The Czech Republic, 30% of the population is affected by diabetes. Heavily processed food is still routinely purchased, even though Sklizeno has made it accessible to buy 100% natural food. Therefore, a second wave of the campaign about hidden sugar became necessary.
People needed to be reminded, that most of the things they see are not necessarily what they see. Because even if they try to avoid sugar, people are most of the time unaware about the existence of hidden sugar in the aliments they buy. Processed food, like many types of breakfast cereal, ketchup or other sauces, and even instant soup, have a lot of sugar in it.

We had to put the topic quickly back on the public agenda. We needed something that can generate immediate buzz (and compensate for the classical now, small budget). Therefore, we chose a “literalism” type of creative approach - we designed the honey jars in the shape of the actual aliments that have hidden sugar. So, influencers and journalist we’ll see, literally, how hamburgers, instant soup/ dressing salad or ketchup have sugar (and more than expected) in their composition.

Valuing the Czech tradition in glass craftsmanship, we’ve created special designs, meant to gain even more earned media.

This Direct and PR campaign have started in February 2018, when we’ve pitched our story about hidden sugar to the biggest influencers and most sought after journalists in Czech Republic.
We have sent them packages with the especially designed honey jars (using the honey our bee keeper have produced last harvest, from hamburgers, ketchup, instant soup and breakfast cereal). The reactions were instantly, with some of the biggest influencers posting videos about unboxing our surprising packaging and reigniting the debate about hidden sugar.

Cumulated media reach: 2,9 MIL.
Organic social media reach: 430 000
Store visits increased by: 12%

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Date published: 8 May 2021 2021-05-08T14:08:01+0100


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