Glug & CANNT Festival join forces in a global festival of creativity to provide a grass roots alternative to Cannes Lions this summer (2018)

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  • In a year of huge controversy for Cannes Lions - Glug X CANNT aims to position itself as a grass roots alternative 
  • We're looking for hosts, volunteers, agencies and brands around the world to get involved
  • Two formats – Glug X CANNT Summer Parties and #CANNTlunch agency lunch & learn format

Glug, the worldwide inspirational talks and ‘Notworking’ community, and CANNT Festival (the brainchild of Simon Gill and Laura Jordan Bambach), are putting on a series of global events during the week of 19-25th June for “everyone that CANNT go to Cannes”.

Hoping to run over 100 events in more than 30 cities around the world with parties and creative lunches as a program for the week, the global festival aims to bring together creatives from around the world, celebrating their creative ideas, successes and talent.

Announced today Glug and CANNT are looking for studios and agencies to run a ‘#CANNTlunch’ (lunch and learn format) in their studios, or a ‘Glug x CANNT Summer Party’ for their staff, clients and local community. For more information please visit www.glugevents.com/news for more details on how to get involved.

The two formats have been crafted to make running the events ultra simple:

Tuesday 19/6 - #CANNTlunch
This format asks agencies to open up their doors for an hour and invite their own staff, clients and local community to come together a few talks and celebrating creativity. All the host need to organise are some nibbles, some drinks and put on 2x speakers.

Thursday 21/6 - Glug x CANNT Summer Party
This format will be a creative get together ranging from in-house drinks, through to invitational Summer Parties. All we need for the host to arrange is for the local creative community to have somewhere to get together, celebrate creativity and expand their network. Where Glug have got ‘Glug Hosts’ these will be organised by them, but for other cities we’re inviting agencies and studios to take the lead and host a creative get together.

To begin with Glug hopes to launch events in many of its 35+ existing city chapters but it’s also an opportunity for new hosts to volunteer to host a 1 off party or agency lunch event.

In a year of huge controversy for Cannes Lions, with Publicis Group pulling out of entering Cannes Lions entirely and criticism from WPP, Glug and CANNT are providing the exciting grass roots alternative:

"This isn’t anti Cannes Lions. Rather we wanted to create a grass roots alternative to celebrate creative ideas during a week everyone is talking about creativity. Every year the senior creative leaders in the business get to pack their sun cream and speedos and head off to the south of France, but agencies are built on a huge range of diverse people many of whom get left behind. We wanted to do something for those people which fits perfectly with Glugs objectives of trying to help young creatives on their career journey."
Ian Hambleton, Founder and Glug CEO

"Having worked on the incredibly successful Glug x CANNT Summer Party last year in London party we wanted to take this global to all of our city chapters around the world. For young creatives we want to emphasise the fact that there should be no reason not to celebrate creativity, even if that’s not in Cannes."
Malin Persson, Global Development, Glug

"I’m totally stoked about our plans for 2018 as we aim to make CANNT the World’s Festival of Creativity. It’s fantastic that we’ve teamed up with glug again, as they share our beliefs, champion young diverse talent, and are an awesome group. We’re thrilled to be sharing the stage with them this June. So, let's all come together, celebrate great ideas and craft, and make new friends in the process."
CANNT Co-founder, BIMA Council Member and Isobar CCO Simon Gill

To find out how to run your very own Glug X CANNT Summer Party or #CANNTlunch event simply email [email protected] or go to www.glugevents.com/news

For brands or sponsors looking to help get involved in the Glug X CANNT festival please contact [email protected]