CANNT 2021 - Default Open - The 12th Edition review

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June 2021, the world was in its altered state, and we once again went virtual with a plan to reach out to all corners of the globe. Hybrid became the default approach, which you could say meant “make it up as you go along”.

The optimistic view earlier in the year suggested that people would be finally away from their screens by the summer, enjoying being outside, being together, and not doing much online. While it was easier to be together, physical events simply couldn’t happen without lots of planning and contingency.

Whatever we thought about plans for CANNT 2021, it was important to embed the feeling of "Default Open". That's open to new ideas, open to being inspired, open to being outside, open to being with friends and family again, open to being careful, open to good community behavior, open to creativity.

While the world wondered what was going to happen. We shared a series of inspiring and interesting "happenings" from across June and by popular demands, July too.
We featured a wide range of activities, events, festivals, and live streams from the advertising, art, creative, design, and technology worlds. These included: 64 Bits Exhibition, Apple WWDC, Contagious, Creativepool, Creative Conscience, Creative Review, Creative Studios London, D&Ad New Blood, Daydream Believers, Digital Art Month, Equality Federation, Font Games, Frieze Art, FutureFactor, Glasgow International Festival, Glasgow Print Fair, Glasgow School of Art, Google I/O, Hackatao, Made in Brunel, Mayfair Art Weekend, MIF (Manchester International Festival), MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art), MdZ Estate Tour, National Portrait Gallery, New Designers, NudgeStock BS, RCA2021, SCA 2.0, Secret LDN, Show Studio, Somerset House, The Do Lectures, The People, The Zero Experiment, and Women in AI.

We also teamed up with the BIMA Creative Council, to run a CANNT X BIMA Beat event, talking creativity on the web in 2021. Because during the pandemic, the humble web has kept us going in its various guises, be that web site, e-commerce, mobile experience, app, live stream - web technology kept us together and open. We celebrated the web with a WebRTP powered Zoom webinar and four fantastic, international speakers, all sharing much inspiration and creative positivity. Thank you:

We also lent a small hand to the excellent initiative from Steve Price and his Plan B Studio called - Shout Out To Help Out - which is helping showcase new entrants to the creative industry. If you’re looking for new creative talent be sure to check out their website, and whatever else, please give them a #ShoutOutToHelpOut!

Finally, a big thank you to all our guest speakers, attendees and the creators responsible for the ideas and work we showcased. Much respect.

BTW1: If you’ve got a creative event happening in June or July 2022, we’d love to hear about it.

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BTW3: We love the creative mix of contemporary music and album artwork and are  inspired by Bleep’s New Year selection. Check out our Instagram for a wee peek