Lebanon still suffers from bad infrastructure fundamentals like 24/7 electricity, clean water, and internet speed or even availability. Some lucky spots in the capital enjoy access to a manageable internet speed. Anywhere outside the city center is a lost cause. On paper, 91% of the population is connected (source: Hootsuite). But in reality, are they really connected? Research shows that Lebanon ranks 169/177 when it comes to global internet speed (source: Speedify). In the age of multi-subscription streaming and online gaming, this is a problem. Why? Because NOTHING EVER LOADS. Providers keep making false promises of improvement that the Lebanese people have become immune to. Brief: Internet users don’t trust claims of providers and have lost faith in their internet connection. How can we make them connect with Connect? Objective: Make internet users give Connect a chance.


Cannes Lions - Bronze


  • ConnectClient
  • Alberto TrianaAssociate Creative Director
  • Anthony ZweinLocation Manager
  • Bruno BomedianoExecutive Creative Director
  • Federico MarianiAssociate Creative Director
  • Felipe MenezesArt Director
  • Jad NehmehProduction Manager
  • Joe LahhamGeneral Manager/MD
  • Joelle NassarCasting Director
  • Karim KhneisserMusic Producer
  • Krix BerberianProduction Support
  • Manuel BordeExecutive Creative Director
  • Martha NassarProducer
  • Pedros TemizianDirector
  • Romy AbdelnourCommunications Director
  • Rouba AsmarHead of Production
  • Roy KhachanStrategic Planner
  • Rozy El BeainySenior Producer
  • Sabine HaddadCopywriter
  • Sherine KhouryEditor
  • Tbwa\RaadAgency
  • Zeina NawwarArt Director
  • * Remie Abdo NehmeHead of Strategy
  • * Walid KanaanChief Creative Officer
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2021
  • * Jennifer FischerJennifer Fischer
  • * Jad BeyrouthyDOP

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