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About Butterfly

We believe in the power of Emotions. Butterfly was born with the idea that emotions drive our behavior. We were founded 2009 with the clear ambition of becoming a leading brand strategy and innovation company with an expertise in building emotional connections between brands and consumers.

What also makes us different is that half of our strategic or innovation work takes place in the most fascinating emerging markets around the word, from Mexico to Russia. The Butterfly team, currently 40 and growing, truly reflect this diversity: over 20 languages can be heard within our studio!

The Butterfly nest is on The River Thames in SW London and we now also have our office across the pond in Manhattan NYC with great ambitions to spread our wings even further. There is still a strong start-up atmosphere within Butterfly valuing entrepreneurship, ownership and growth. We’ve got bags of experience, but we’re still fascinated by new trends, new directions and we are more than ever fuelled by a sense of curiosity about the world.

About the Design Team

The purpose of our Design team is to partner with the strategy team, supporting all projects throughout the process, and ultimately to bring that strategy to life in ways that make it shareable and contagious for our clients into graphic, film, animation and digital work. Our designers and strategists work together, challenging each other to think differently and deliver great work.

We are a truly international design team that specialises in graphic design, video and animation. We see brands as real entities with personality, heart and soul. Our aim is to create design that truly resonates with an audience. We believe that if the brand strategy speaks to the mind, the design speaks to the soul.

We do it for the challenge, the hard work, the satisfaction.



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