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PizzaExpress has relaunched its ‘At Home’ range with bold new packaging (by Bulletproof) and improved recipes as part of a ‘one brand’ strategy designed to attract more of its restaurant customers to the retail range.

Brief in brief:
Create a solid master brand proposition for the PizzaExpress retail packs that would reflect the current brand positioning, while also leveraging the warmth, passion and artisanal detailing of the PizzaExpress restaurant brand.

Our thinking and doing:
We wanted to approach the redesign from a completely fresh and revolutionary angle and make the most of the iconic assets that PizzaExpress had. We decided to take the PizzaExpress branding and use it in an unapologetic, heroic way. We introduced bold, handwritten typography for added authenticity, which also serves to achieve clear navigation across the range.

In the pizza category, one of our biggest challenges was to clearly differentiate between the standard (Classic) and premium (Romana) tiers. We chose to do this through the use of a black palette for the Romana range, bringing through product colour within the typography to clearly communicate the variant. The use of silver foil on the branding as well as matt and gloss varnishing also helps to really premiumise the packs. For the Classic pizza range, the background colour flexes to reflect each flavour variant creating a sea of colour in the chilled pizza fixture. This bold use of colour also features across the pasta, bread and dressings categories with the dressings further punched out on shelf using a cap and sleeve with the PizzaExpress branding and stripes.

Shunning category norms, we significantly reduced the product window on the pizza packaging instead relying on beautiful ingredient photography (shot by renowned UK food photographer Andy Seymour) showing that these pizzas contain exactly the same fresh and delicious ingredients that you’re likely to find in the PizzaExpress restaurants.

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Date published: 2 February 2017 2017-02-02T14:35:02+0000


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