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We Are Playgrounds approached us to develop and create a new branding system and design toolkit for all their physical and digital asset needs as well as the 2022 title sequence for their flagship event, The Art Department.

To make sure we were creating a design and branding system that could flex in both the digital and physical space, we always pulled back the three pillars or guiding principles we set at the start.

Think & Wonder
Play & Explore
Make & Make Better

These three principles defined the creative process for us. They can define a small creative task—designing a character, for instance. First you think about it, wonder what it could be. It’s still liquid at this stage, soft, floating. Then if you hold onto a thought it turns into something tactile, you can start playing with it. Turn it on its head, explore different shapes and colours.

Then when you choose a direction, you start making it and making it better. Working on the details. But these principles also hold up on a longer creative process, the production of a film for instance. Think & Wonder would be development and writing. Play & Explore is pre-production and Make & Make Better is production and post-production.

So by constantly bringing back these principles and defining them more and more with key words, themes, colours etc, we could make sure that this system could take on a lot of different shapes and sizes in both physical and digital spaces.

We approached this project almost as an Art School project: everyone had a seat at the table and could explore and express what the three principles looked like and meant to them through design and exploration.

I remember a moment early in the process where we felt we were a bit stuck in a specific visual direction, so we brought in some new voices to the table to bring their point of view. A lot of the designs we were exploring at the time were done by 2D designers and illustrators so their association with the Play & Explore principle was rooted in pencils, paper, paint, sketches and that type of process.

When we brought on these new artists, 3D artists, they explained that when they Play & Explore it looks like wireframes or sculpting, code or vertices. This completely opened up the playing field, and we brought on more diverse artists to be part of the development process: animators, developers, musicians from all of our Buck offices—all bringing their point of view on the three principles through their craft and expertise. This basically turned the system into a celebration of craft, the creative process and the tools used by all different kinds of artists.


  • We Are PlaygroundsClient
  • Andrés CuevasAnimation
  • Anna MoessnangDesign
  • Beatrice Viguier3D Artist
  • Bénédicte Gold-DalgProduction Coordinator
  • Bernd BousardDesign
  • Chance WoodwardExecutive Producer,
  • Charlotte Vallet3D Artist
  • Dan CantelmDesign
  • Fabrizio LenciArt Director
  • Jamey KitchensSenior Producer
  • Jardeson RochaAnimation
  • Joao RemaCG Supervisor
  • Johan ErikssonAnimation
  • Laurentiu LunicAnimation
  • Léa ZhangDesign
  • Manon Sailly3D Artist
  • Mijke CoeberghDesign
  • Rasmus StenbergDesign
  • Richard GrayCreative Director
  • Rozi ZhuCT
  • Simon BuijsArt Director
  • Thea GladDesign
  • Tinghe YangAnimation
  • Yana AbramovaDesign
  • * Buck
  • * Vincent LammersExecutive Creative Director | Partner
  • * AntfoodSound Design
  • * Joseph BrooksAnimation Director
  • * Christopher SilveiraDesign
  • * Jaume MestreAnimation
  • * Sonal Jadhav3D Artist
  • * Daniel RodriguesAnimation Director
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