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Recognized by Cannes Lions, One Show, Clios, Canadian Marketing Awards, IABC Gold Quills, Media innovation Awards and Grand Prix at Crafting Brands for Life.

In this campaign, we set out to dispel the stigma around taking paternity leave. Canadian fathers can share up 18 months of parental leave with their partner. Yet only 12% of fathers in English Canada use any of their benefit at all. Some people cannot afford to take leave. But for many others, the barrier is social stigma.

In the middle of our production, the Government of Canada announced new legislation that would provide an additional 5 weeks of use-it-or-lose it paternity leave. We pivoted, evolved our campaign concept, and moved up the delivery date to launch our campaign on the day of the new legislation. (So nimble of us.) The integrated campaign contains OOH, social, online video, interactive voting kiosks, influencers and more. The data collected during the launch phase of the campaign then formed the foundation of the campaign's second wave, which launched on Father's Day.


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