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Based in Suffolk, UK, Aspall has a long history of cider making with a family legacy that spans over 290 years. But by 2018, the cider market was increasingly overcrowded with new entrants. Aspall was beginning to feel old-fashioned and was inhibiting contemporary relevance with the modern-day drinker. Our task was to reframe the brand narrative in a way that spoke to a younger audience, premiumising Aspall and building on its rich heritage.

Aspall is not like other ciders, it’s long-held methods of cider making buck the trend of modern methods. We wanted the brand’s will to take the long route to achieve remarkable, unwavering excellence and stand-out to a discerning audience that wanted to choose quality over quantity every time.

Our new look and feel celebrates how Aspall is different with references to the brand’s Eastern Suffolk home; from the sun to the ribbon and the unconventional knight. We celebrated craft through the use of the hand drawn wordmark and script inspired by old family stories. These references to heritage and craft were offset by hits of primary colours to help the brand feel contemporary at the same time.

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