Alongside the Radeon rebrand B&D recently delivered; we were tasked with devising a global go to market campaign to support the launch of Radeon’s revolutionary RX 480 graphics card. The brief was simple; create disruption in the industry and galvanise the gaming community to action.

The campaign had to work across print, digital, POS and film in multiple languages, to be used around the world.

In many ways this campaign was a rebellion against the industry status quo. To move away from the dry, stale approach to advertising that had taken hold in recent years. But going against the status quo and still getting a message across isn’t an easy task. It wasn’t just enough to say Radeon is different from the competition. We had to show it.

Radeon wanted the gaming community to know it was making a graphics card for everyone, free of technological or financial barriers; RX was built to democratise gaming, making it accessible to all at a price point to suit. It would work right out of the box, it wouldn’t be old news in a year’s time and it could provide an opportunity to experience VR at an affordable level, giving gamers the future-proofed technology they desire.

This was more than a revolution; it was a rebellion and we wanted to embrace that. So, out came the placards and The Uprising was born.

Everything we created for the campaign was centered on rebellion, from the use of language to imagery and its application in various forms. The creative direction was simple – you deserve better, it’s time to demand more. You’re #BetterRed.

The campaign needed to include a number of key technology shouts to promote the benefits of Radeon RX series. We did this by stripping the design and language back to its core, borrowing from a wealth of propaganda posters used throughout history, with their minimal use of words and design style created to convey a simple and often powerful message.

Not only can a propaganda style approach work as a voice for an unheard community, it’s a great way to include multiple product specs without bogging everything down in a list of jargon or uninspiring marketing lingo.

We listened to industry forums; we gained an understanding of how the community felt and discovered a rebellion bubbling just under the surface. Armed with this knowledge, we had to carefully weave the real community sentiment into our advertising.

With placards unashamedly promoting key messages, such as ‘Join the Radeon Rebellion’, ‘VR is not just for the 1%’ or ‘Give us back control’. We used messages taken from the gamers themselves to incite an uprising.

With the copywriting approach realised, we could now move to the roll out phase of the campaign.

Commercials in this industry typically focus on beautiful product shots accompanied with a list of specs and an uninspiring call to action. We had to change that. Our film is a rallying cry, created for the gaming community to stand up and join the Radeon Rebellion.

We created two films to be shown across social media, alerting customers to the forthcoming Radeon Rebellion with a simple call to action, it’s #BetterRed.

We designed and built a fully responsive website to be used as a point of focus for the Radeon RX campaign.

Fan reaction was a clear indicator that our creative thinking was on the mark. The #BetterRed hashtag has reached 4.4 million people and has been used to link to everything from people showing off their new products, to people sharing fan art and even someone making a model of the RX 480 out of Lego. On Twitter there are thousands of tweets mentioning the Radeon RX 480 by name.

Radeon posted our commercial twice on Facebook. The first video has 391,971 views, 12,000 likes and 694 shares. The second post of the video has 468,440 views, 3,600 likes and 413 shares. On YouTube the video has 101,056 views and 3,280 likes. The three videos have combined views of 961,467, a vast amount more than a typical product launch in this niche industry would ever normally hope to receive.

More impressively, this was achieved with no media spend to promote the film. The views came in the three days following publication. It is by far and away the most viewed product video Radeon as ever produced.

There are 15.9k videos discussing the RX 480 on YouTube which have a combined total of 10.4m views.

For Radeon, the RX 480 cards are in such high demand they’ve sold out globally and most importantly, its market share has increased by 7.1% to date.

Finally, since we started working with AMD Radeon its share price has risen from 2.14 to 6.27, a massive 192% increase.

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