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Alfa approached Brand42 under the name of CHP Consulting. Their brief was to design and build a new, bold website that would suit their position as market leader in the asset finance software industry. At the heart of the project was a shift of focus towards a product led strategy, rather than a consultancy offering, hence the rebrand as Alfa.

The brief and the future progression of the brand required a website that wouldn’t alienate their existing clients, nor feel too attached to their existing brand. It was key that Alfa was recognised as a successful and established company, with a market-leading product and a strong careers hub for talented graduates worldwide.

Our concept was to build a website that uses a philosophy of Alfa’s three key areas of ‘company’, ‘product’, and ‘careers’, allowing each target user to be channeled into a particular area that is important to them.

Upon arrival, users are introduced to Alfa’s key areas using large imagery and hero messages to steer the user into a particular ‘company’, ‘product’, or ‘careers’ homepage. These pages are truly modular, allowing Alfa to serve bespoke content and layouts for differing markets. We did this by leveraging a powerful new CMS, adapting the framework seamlessly using custom code.

We built upon their existing brand colour, creating a spectrum of three colours to clearly signpost and give a unique identity to the areas of the site. The navigation cleverly expands and contracts to indicate the user’s location on the website. This unique approach allows the user to learn about Alfa in three distinct verticals and appeal to each type of user that may visit the site.

The design builds upon current trends in the industry with the use of serif typefaces and strong, bold gradients that are built from the brand’s three core colours.

The client has reported a marked positive reception in the industry. Website traffic has increased in terms of both numbers and duration. Prospects and potential recruits are engaging more with the company, not only through the site but also on social media. Brand42 have received explicit praise from Alfa’s CEO, Andrew Denton, for meeting and exceeding the brief in a compressed timescale. Alfa’s own UI team will be adopting the bold design and applying it to its own web application.

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