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The challenge
In order to compete against the increasingly competitive boxed/twist-wrap category, Quality Street needed a new consistent global look and feel. And one that could be translated across all formats, in all markets. We needed to contemporise the brand to make it more relevant and appealing to younger audiences, as well as improve appetite appeal, whilst creating that all-important shelf stand out.

The insight
With two endorsing masterbrands, and inconsistent branding across markets the brand has lost its appeal and relevance, with no real brand story engaging consumers into the brand’s world. We took on the brand essence of ‘treasured bonding moments with sparkling favourites’ and sought to draw the consumer into this world. We reimagined the iconic tightly wrapped favourites in a sweeping sparkle of colourful light that links the sweets with its core proposition. We celebrated the iconic shapes using the most well-known and loved varieties (the purple one, the green triangle, toffee penny and toffee finger) in the foreground and at the end of the trail.

3D renders of the sweets give depth and dimension, and the unwrapped sweet provides the appetite appeal that twisted sweets sometime lack. We injected some warmth into the purple and the now royal and opulent tones communicate a much more premium feel.

In the Middle East it was important to keep the portraits of ‘Major and Miss’, as they have long been a brand signal of trust, quality and heritage. So as an acknowledgement of the past but stepping into the future, we brought them back in a contemporary style and included ‘since 1936’ into a single brand unit. The word marque was also crafted to be expressive, warm and welcoming, encapsulating the essence of the Quality Street personality.

The Impact
Research shows that there has been a significant improvement in purchase intent from its core target market, as well as across all other consumer segments that were analysed. The new branding has also considerably elevated the brand’s perception in quality and premium. It is more modern, and conveys the everyday special. Nestlé now has protectable brand assets and a consistent global visual identity, from which it can build in the future.

In a market that has declined in value in the past year, comparing like-for-like sales, Quality Street actually grew, and ahead of the market (IRI, Dec 2016)

“Whilst the new packaging design retains elements of what people know and love about Quality Street, it moves us on significantly in communicating the key brand attributes at this vital consumer touchpoint. The sparkling trail shows the vibrancy and positivity in a way that is unique and elegant, leading the eye to the delicious and iconic Purple One. The reintroduction of the Major and Miss was crucial as it allows us to hint at the rich history and brand story but in a way that is up to date and relevant. We’re exceptionally pleased with the design, how it’s performing and how all the elements bring about a holistic improvement.”
Rachel Beaufoy – Brand Manager, UK

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