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Brewing up a new identity for London Beer Lab to be seen as a contender in the world of craft beer.

The Challenge
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, London Beer Lab’s brews were regularly overlooked due to poor branding. They needed a knockout concept hipsters and high-income home brewers couldn’t ignore.

The Insight
London Beer Lab is a unique blend of fun, discovery and expertise. They believe in sharing beer stories and getting down and dirty with the process. They’re always evolving, and fun and experimentation is key to how they do things.

The Idea
The two-part, removable beer label champions both craft and curiosity. The ‘Craft’ half is where the brand identity consistently lives, and the ‘Curiosity’ half is the platform for versatility. It gives the ‘open source’ beer community a platform to adapt and take away the beer recipe with their added notes, celebrating the joy of experimentation.

The Impact
Our rebrand has effectively raised London Beer Lab’s profile. London bars such as Bossman Wines, that had previously dismissed the brand because they felt it looked ‘amateur’ changed their minds and started stocking it, excited by the punchy new identity.

The new look and feel also created a buzz in the local community, and word of mouth has contributed to a growth in the number of workshop attendees. The number of attendees has grown from circa 75 per month to between 150-200 per month as of February 2017. That’s more than doubled the number of people who are actively engaging with the brand every month.

In terms of actual wholesale beer sales, London Beer Lab has gone from an average of £500 per month pre-relaunch to £5k per month post-launch. This means that it’s achieved £30k in the six months post redesign, which would have taken them five years to achieve pre re-brand.

133% increase in workshop attendees
1695 increase in average income from workshops
13x increase in the number of accounts since launch
900% increase in monthly sales

“Elmwood gave us a concept that encapsulates so much of what was discussed in our very first meeting. The execution has been flawless and we have been incredibly fortunate to be able to work with such a group of talented individuals.”
Karl O’Connor – Co-Founder, London Beer Lab


DBA Design Effectiveness Award
Graphis Design Annual
Mobius Award - Certificate
New York Festival - Finalist
Transform Award


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