Create a high impact campaign activation at London's Waterloo station to support Greenpeace's long running 'Save the Arctic' campaign. The campaign had utilised images of famous celebrities, shot by renowned celebrity photographer Andy Gotts, wearing 'Save the Arctic' campaign T-shirts designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.

This was a very quick turnaround project and involved a number of the creative team to develop a strong idea with equally strong copy lines. The result was a set of high contrast posters featuring Arctic animals made from the campaign T-shirts themselves. These posters were interspersed with the original celebrity images created by Andy Gotts. The campaign's placement at Waterloo underground was perfect - next door to Shell's HQ, the oil producer still involved with Arctic oil exploration. Year's of campaigning and public pressure meant that shortly after this latest campaign activation Shell withdrew from oil exploration in the Artic.


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Greenpeace Save The Arctic Campaign