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Twinings has been on a significant growth journey led by new product launches. One of them being its first ever cold water infusion - a product made with real fruit and perfect for a younger audience. Weber Shandwick wanted to show that Twinings’ In’fuse has the power to turn water into something really exciting and appointed Bomper Studio and Jonathan Knowles to create enticing motion visuals.

Jonathan Knowles brought to life the beauty of the infusion using ink drop swirl art in dramatic, lush, slow motion. After the visuals were filmed, Bomper worked to make the bag feel more rigidly pyramidal with great shaking motion. Extra-defined, CGI ingredients and VFX swirls were added to enhance the infusion.

The film was launch online and backed by a nationwide Out of Home campaign.

Client: Twinings
Agency: Weber Shandwick
Stills: Brokkr / Brand Opus
Photographer: Jonathan Knowles
VFX Production: Bomper Studio

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Date published: 16 November 2018 2018-11-16T09:46:31+0000


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