Bomper Studio Caerphilly


Bomper Studio directs a stylised, psychedelic music video for legendary rock band, Foo Fighters, for the track ‘Chasing Birds’.

Taking Influence from the 1960’s psychedelic art movement, the film is an animated hybrid 2D/ 3D look film which follows Foo Fighters on a fantastical voyage through a colourful desert, filled with dreamy and surreal visuals. However, as the band explores this colourful utopia, things begin to take a dark turn as they fall through the earth into a hallucinatory hellscape, filled with increasingly bizarre distortions of wildlife.

The team has an absolute blast working on this tripped-out and whimsical narrative. The film plays with scale, eye-popping hues, and the cartoon form through animation that squashes, stretches and breaks throughout; ultimately delivering a film drawn straight from the subconscious.



Bomper Studio has been a Contributor since 14th April 2016.

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Foo Fighters 'Chasing Birds' [Music Video]