Bob Lynch Designer and Art Director


Celebratory packaging, design and styling for a limited edition barleywine ale worth its weight in black and gold.
To celebrate their 10th year brewing, Little Valley Brewery tasked Ilk Agency to design packaging for a commemorative beer and PR campaign. What we created packed as much punch as the ale itself, which weighed in at a hefty 10% ABV.

With some adherence to the existing range’s layout system, we elevated this special brew’s position towards the luxury end of the market. The beer was pricier and stronger than the rest of the range, and needed packaging that communicated this difference. The naming, bespoke wordmark, subtle embossed textures, indulgent gold foil detail and the master brewer’s signature, across a special seal, highlighted the opulence of the barleywine ale and the brewery’s 10th year in business.

The award winning creative, accompanying PR activity and critically acclaimed taste of the brew itself saw it sell out within days, leading to the production of multiple batches thereafter. The high-end northern retailer Booths loved it so much they stocked it across their stores. So, here’s to another 10 years of brewing Little Valley Brewery. Cheers.


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Little Valley Brewery Packaging Design