Bob Lynch Designer and Art Director


Rebranding a creative communications agency with a concept that puts collaboration at
the fore.

In 2017, during a time of company restructure and the sale of the Manifest brand name to sister agency Manifest London, Ilk Agency was born.

This creative concept addresses the opportunities and challenges at the centre of the agency’s offering. Something that starts off as a whole bundle of different expertise. Different skills. Different shapes. Different configurations. But if you’ve got all the pieces and you put them
in the right places then it all comes together.

As a collective of creatives, strategists and PR professionals, we wanted to create a brand for the agency that represented what it meant to work for Ilk, as well as the services we offered.

By creating a brand mark that contains interconnecting shapes, a metaphor was established to reflect not just what we do for our clients but how we do it. As a static lock-up, it’s a neat, clean, logo. But as an animation, or as office furniture, or used across branded collateral, you begin to see how it works. You can see how seemingly disparate parts - each bringing something unique to the composition - fit perfectly together.


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ilk Agency Rebrand Concept