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TicToc by Bloomberg was conceived as the first and only global news network built for Twitter. This weekly social media campaign focuses on trending stories in the news cycle in real time. So the work needs to be quick, smart and consistently uncomplicated. We cover what's trending now in business, tech, politics, and beyond.

On a weekly basis, the studio took trending stories and turned them into attention-grabbing paid social posts, using photographic, typographic and simple illustration treatments. Each weekly push kept us light on our feet - creative development needed to happen fast in order to retain each post’s relevance, sometimes reducing concept and design dev to a few minutes.

In what was comparatively just a handful of paid social posts, TicToc garnered 45,000+ clicks and 15,000+ followers, resulting in greater visibility for the product and a ratification of audience interests and needs. Some of our best performing creative, including the post we did for #StarWarsDay in 2018 which had 57,770 video views. Our Midterm election posts also garnered 12,571 clicks. Overall, our work helped @tictoc reach 500,000+ followers on its first year of existence. The learnings obtained by this weekly push helped the brand to focus more strategically on improving its content and the style of social posts it wants to epitomize.

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