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Brief: Every summer, Bloomberg (optimistically) places deckchairs in London’s Finsbury Square for the public to use. How do we tell the company’s story using the humble deckchair? With real data about the weather, taken directly from the Bloomberg Terminal, of course.

Strategy: It’s no secret the UK isn’t blessed with good weather. Inspired by the classic British striped deckchair and the rumours of unseasonal heatwaves, the Bloomberg Studio created designs based on the theme of summer – driven by real weather data taken from the Bloomberg Terminal.

Objectives: Create buzz around the Bloomberg brand. Engage with the target audience in a relaxed environment to create a talking point with their colleagues back in their offices or on social media.

Target Audience: London’s business and financial professionals who work in the area and relax in the square during their lunch breaks.

Relevance to the Brand: Bloomberg’s core strength is delivering data and insight. The data-driven deckchairs riffed on this expertise in a humorous way, using real meteorological data from the Bloomberg Terminal to
communicate surprising information on the weather—a perennial topic of lunchtime small talk in the UK.

Budget: £16k

Execution: The deckchairs were printed on canvas digitally, then mounted in wood. Being an internal project, the creative process and approval workflow was seamless. The daily distribution of the chairs in the square was managed by our organization’s own event team.

5 different designs were executed across 75 deckchairs, which were placed in the square for 4 hours per day over 50 days of summer, and provided much needed alfresco support to 15,000+ City-worker bottoms while facilitating the exchange of 30,000+ pieces of salacious office gossip.

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Date published: 27 January 2017 2017-01-27T14:54:09+0000


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