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Bloomberg Quicktake is the go-to source for simple explanations of complex topics. Quicktake sorts through a lot of information to eliminate the distracting elements and focus only on what's essential. Craft the creative to mirror this process and let the simplicity of QuickTake attract new readers. In its four years of existence, Quicktake had developed a niche following. We wanted to increase our audience to include readers interested in business, economics and topical global news, and who appreciate the value of simplifying complexity.

Execution: Everyone is already saturated with information. We knew we needed to get people’s attention, be relevant, and make our points quickly. Leveraging the graphic approach used in QuickTake’s print editions, we developed a black and white vocabulary of illustrated icons. We animated each icon and used them to break down complicated topics into simple visual elements. These elements efficiently deconstruct topics into their component parts and arrive at concise conclusions. In other words: Hard-to-explain topics, explained simply.

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