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The Bloomberg Studio is the digital creative shop inside Bloomberg. We work across the company, its brands and businesses. We create intelligent design-driven campaigns, branding and content for a myriad of formats. We are a nimble global team of 100+ designers, writers, art directors, animators, editors and producers in New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Sao Paulo.

Bloomberg, the global business and financial information and news leader, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Headquartered in New York, Bloomberg employs more than 15,000 people in 192 locations around the world.


Advertising, Art Direction, Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Content, Content Management, Copywriting, data-driven, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Production, Social Media, UX/UI

Sector Experience

Data Services, Digital (SEO, PPC, SEM...), financial products, media, New Media


Adobe Design Achievement Award (ADAA), Art Director’s Club - Merit, D&AD Award - Yellow Pencil/White pencil, One Show - Merit, Webby Award



Trade Associations

Art Directors Club of New York, One Show

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Top 10 Publisher Project featured:Business is unexpected
on 6th February 2016
Project featured:Morgan Stanley Digital Signage Times Square
on 17th February 2016
Project featured:Bloomberg Businessweek promo
on 3rd June 2016
Project featured:This is Bloomberg / brand idents
on 1st July 2016
Project featured:Republican National Convention coverage "Speeches"
on 14th July 2016
Project featured:2016 Democratic National Convention promo "Speeches"
on 26th July 2016
Project featured:Asia Pacific A - Z
on 26th August 2016
Project featured:Bloomberg India 20 Years
on 16th September 2016
Project featured:The world is watching / BTV
on 18th September 2016
Project featured:Daybreak promo
on 3rd October 2016
Project featured:Bloomberg Politics / Daily Discourse campaign
on 28th October 2016
Project featured:Bloomberg Radio Daybreak EU Promo
on 31st January 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg Business Innovators 2016
on 1st February 2017
Project featured:Conversations with Coders
on 16th March 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg celebrates Black History Month
on 23rd March 2017
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on 4th April 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg Gadfly Campaign
on 8th May 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg Barclays Indices
on 22nd May 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg New Energy Finance – Global Summit 2017
on 25th May 2017
Project featured:Vintage Keyboard Tees
on 14th June 2017
Project featured:BuySideWeek 2017
on 30th September 2017
Project featured:The Lost City of London
on 10th October 2017
Project featured:Sooner Than You Think
on 26th October 2017
Project featured:London Mithraeum Newspaper and Website
on 15th November 2017
Project featured:Bloomberg | Financial Brands Image Library
on 14th February 2018
Project featured:Tracking Everyday Economies
on 21st February 2018
Project featured:London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE
on 22nd February 2018
Project featured:Bloomberg London – branding a building
on 22nd February 2018
Project featured:The world is watching.
on 28th February 2018
Project featured:TicToc x SXSW
on 9th April 2018
Project featured:International Women's Day 2018
on 9th May 2018
Project featured:Bloomberg Philanthropies employee video 2018
on 11th July 2018
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on 23rd July 2018
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on 19th November 2018
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on 11th December 2018
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on 4th February 2019
Project featured:Bloomberg Philanthropies Annual Report 2018
on 4th February 2019
Project featured:The stories behind the things you buy
on 8th October 2020

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