We love V Sauce and Oxfam!

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I recently worked with Vlogger and science and philosophy expert, Michael Stevens (aka Vsauce), who has featured in a new TV advert for Oxfam. He comments, 'I was really excited to get a chance to work with Oxfam and look forward to more collaborations in the future. I'm proud to have been involved with such a vital message. The idea that we really can end poverty together is incredibly uplifting.'

I created a 'mind-map' of inspiration for him, extending his environment into our studio setting. We drew on his fantastic intellectual musings and crafted a geek-chic collage with handmade displays, personal illustrations and found art. This was one of the most fun projects we've had!

Since 1996, the number of humans living in what the World Bank defines as "extreme poverty" has been halved. In another 15 years, extreme poverty could be gone. That would be an amazing achievement for all of us alive right now to be a part of.







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