Vote Blair! Creativepool Newcomer of the Year Nominee 2016!

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I'm really happy to announce I've been shortlisted for Creativepool's Newcomer Of The Year 2016!

I'm honored and excited for the opportunity to be able to share my ideas with you because of this exposure. My goal here is to help promote creativity and integrity within the commercial realm, which can often times be left to basic and generic approaches. Everything you do should be every much a work of passion as fine art. I believe in cross-pollination of disciplines and broadening your horizons with new colleagues in different fields coming together to further what you're doing now, opening your mind to someone's else's bent.

I'm also passionate about young women finding a voice to express themselves and changing patterns of gender inequality. I run a mentoring program in London to support this. I hope if I win this award I can have a platform to continue with greater focus and awareness on these goals.

Let's fill this town with artists!

Love, Blair





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