Thank you for naming me Creativepool Newcomer of the Year 2016

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Hello, I'm Blair Barnette!

With such talent in the room Thursday night, I'm incredibly honored to have been voted Newcomer of the Year and given awards for three individual projects. I especially would like to draw attention to my team of fantastic artists, without whom I could not have made such rewarding work. Thank you again, everybody, for this support!


Through my life I've been inspired by many forms of media and have jumped in head-first to speak a message in that language. What's at the centre of every great project I admire no matter what the medium, is storytelling. As filmmakers, we create a unique journey for our viewers, getting them to buy into it, empathising and being affected by the unfolding events of the story. Production Design breathes life into the environments, which are extensions of the characters themselves. Without that vivid backstory and character-specific detail, the magic can be broken and the film’s impact lost.

I like to take a handmade 'old-school' approach to design, but I really love new toys!

I'm really into developing a cinematic narrative across new media, from vines to VR. I've been making 360 environments and have great plans for new and unchartered applications for it.


The best part about Creativepool is in the name. I feel like I've just done a somersault 1/2 twist pike head first into an incredible new swimming hole. I'm looking forward to making new relationships.

Get your fins on and call me!

Love, Blair



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