The Mystery Jets are an British indie rock band who wanted to push the boundaries of how we view music videos. They wanted their newest album, featuring their single "Curve of the Earth" to be a platform for a new experience for their fans - experiencing it in 3D, as if you were actually in their studio with them.

We were able to achieve this through the use of the OZO, a top of the range virtual reality camera. Looking like a small silver ball covered in a collection of cameras, the OZO is able to create just one video file from the collection of cameras it holds, as well as providing surround sound. Because the OZO was so straight forward to use, we were able to play with the idea of VR and explore the boundaries that already exist for this newly found technology.

The idea of virtual reality is to fully immerse it's user, and take them away from the world they are physically in. Rules of physics change in VR - sometimes even using tracking and voice indicators, the technology caters to your own personal experience. Any person can receive a VR experience differently just as with real life - depending on where you look or interact depends on your experience. For this film we decided to set up triggers around the studio to take you to another place, and those places were personal to each member of the band, looking at them long enough will transport you into another location and intimate moment.

We went to meet the band at Eel Pie Island and found lots of different pieces to dress their studio with. Quirky personal props were found, such as the original 1960 lava lamps featured in the video. As we got to know the band, their offbeat personalities really inspired me to create this exploration of different 'worlds' and locations within the video, encouraging the film to push the existing "3D" boundaries of VR even further into the future, by essentially creating a teleporter!

A cosy, personable feel is created through the use of props and attention to detail according to set design. The further exploration of each individual band member creates a more intimate experience. The use of VR is a platform for a close experience with the band, taking their relationship with their fans to a new level.

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