About us

We are building the ultimate hit idol artist, media and content factory in Europe.

Think the YG Entertainment of Europe delivering content into the global market, primarily the US and entire ASIA.

Therefore, we cast European and International talent, build it up in-house in a very systematic and longterm approach and distribute it worldwide with a focus on the US and ASIA.

We cast talent in Music (Solo, Duo, Boy- and Girlgroups, DJs etc.), Dance, E-Sports, Magic, Modelling, Social Media etc. and also in the supporting fields of design, digital / SFX artists, Video/Photo, Fashion, Makeup and Hair.

We are digitally driven, well-connected, detailed and creative monsters that will bring you to the next level.

What makes us special: We combine the systematic approach and unique best practices of the K-Pop Powerhouses / Entertainment / Lifestyle Conglomerates with Western Best Practices.

If you have any of the above mentioned talents we would like to hear from you and you will also be included in our vast talent database from which we choose people to work with and the best will be exclusively signed.

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