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Balancing Media Spin. re·view™ shines a light upon the rhetoric and bias of news.

News is not objective. For better and for worse we're not handed down a report of the eventsthat surround us. The political commentator and journalist himself Owen Jones surmises, “The British people are not being served by a media that exists to inform them, to educate them... Much of the media is a political machine, lobbying for the often personal objectives of their owners.” (Jones 2014:123)

re·view™ lets you read between the lines of newsprint. Scan an article of interest and re·view™ deconstructs the language used throughout; employing technology built on computational linguistics and artificial intelligence to decipher the argument. We’re not demanding conformity, it isn't the intention to wash away the poetry of an argument, rather re·view™ is here to inform us of the slight of hand that is rhetoric, which only clouds the fountains of knowledge.

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Date published: 27 May 2018 2018-05-27T13:53:01+0100


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