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Presented by award winning travel writer Jonathan Thompson as he checks out the thriving cocktail scene in Singapore in a dynamic, shareable style. The video was commissioned as a piece of editorial content for Tatler magazine alongside a written article.

The video is fast paced and dynamic, designed to hook viewers early when scrolling past on a facebook feed. We use a constantly changing mix of styles: handheld and stabilised camera, presenter led, genuine reactions and stylised slomo. To keep costs down minimal crew was used of a self shooting director, a presenter and a hectic 3 night shoot.

The story is about a bar scene that is genuinely world leading and a bit kooky and a cocktail scene that blows your mind. A list format with a quirky name gave the video a better chance of going viral. We wanted the presenter stye to be accessible with hints of a cheeky sense of humour. It was also important to have elements of reality and for it not to feel like the presenter is reading a script. The visual style borrows some of the feeling of being real from vloggers but combined with professional production results in a video that both feels genuine and engaging but also wouldn't look out of place on Television.

The video was supplied to Tatler and initially embedded in an online magazine article. Tatler then shared on Facebook after which the video went viral with over 1.1M views. The video was syndicated by Conde Naste Traveller and British GQ on Facebook who are part of the same publishing group. It is by far the best performing video on the Tatler Facebook page and is also amongst the most viewed videos on British GQ’s Facebook page.

Date created: August 2017 2017-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 14 May 2018 2018-05-14T17:31:48+0100


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