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My name is Bianca, I am 22 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I am an ambitious business and management graduate, with passion for graphic design a knack for marketing.

I am a persevering and hard working individual with good analytical skills, logical and structured thinking and problem solving abilities. Further, I enjoy challenging projects that push me to learn more, to brainstorm and to develop ideas as I have always been attracted to creative pursuits of all kinds as I can never seem to stop the continuous flux of ideas running through my mind all day, every day. The experience of studying and also teaching myself about this field has been both challenging and extremely rewarding and got me desiring to continue to grow in this rapidly- evolving industry as this would make me happiest.

Furthermore, I bring knowledge of business areas as finance, accounting, IT, marketing, business management, human resource management, graphic design and social media. I keep myself up to date with online and offline trends and I am more than familiar with social media communication as it has been part of both my academic studies and my everyday life. Moreover, I grew up being passioned of painting, sketching, taking art classes, playing video games and practicing sports. I have artistic skills and competences, the capability to adapt and learn rapidly, excellent organisational skills and excellent communication skills. I am able to multi-task, to work independently but also within a team. I always maintain a positive attitude and I believe myself to be capable of handling all given responsibilities.

My current mission is to find amazing people to work with. I am looking to be placed within an organisation where I can keep growing both professionally and personally; an organisation to which I can also add value as an employee. I have strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and I feel capable to adapt to any style. I can work my way in other softwares as well.

Please find enclosed my CV and cover letter in the portfolio link.

Yours sincerely,

Bianca Mazilu


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