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“It’s gonna be an incredible mix of science, filmmaking, photography, discussion” Rennan Ozturk, film maker.

Can an adventure to the Kuril Islands become a real time performance-focussed campaign led by thrilling stories that could inspire discussion about the future of one remote places on earth? We had to find out.

Working with our clients Kaspersky and internationally renowned adventure film makers Rennan Ozturk, Taylor Rees and Chris Burkard we brought creative, production and performance media together and battled the odds to reveal stunning land scapes and the trial of a rare adventure - as they happened.

“I think it’s a really beautiful thing when you can marry this concept of technology, being able to inspire other people to experience these places because the reality is most people will never be able to to come here” Chris Burkard, film maker.

On the same day it was shot, compressed video footage was sent via an affordable but low bandwidth satellite link on the boat in the Kuril Islands to our creative studio in London. We then turned around three films, each within 12hrs of receiving the footage and produced brand building films to fit 100s of targeted media placements on Facebook and Instagram - the best place to inspire an active conversation. Same day copy writing drove A/B testing of placements to find which messages drove the most engagement amongst our target audiences. All of which meant that it took less than 2 days to target stories about tech and the environment to people with those interests around the world - giving real meaning to Kaspersky's #BringOnTheFuture global brand platform.

Despite limited time and budgets, our approach to creative, media and optimisation meant results went beyond all expectations. We achieved 1.9m views, 10,618 likes, comments and shares on paid placements and drove over 16,000 people to discover more about the project on Kaspersky's branded content platform, Tomorrow Unlocked.

Founder Eugene Kaspersky said, “I’m really happy to introduce this place, this wonderful nature, this beauty of the world, to people who have never heard about it.”


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