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My 30 minute talk for the international Innovator Conference 2021 (Greece). Includes tips, pitfalls and 10 actions to take.Summary - As the world changes, contracts and seemingly disperses it can start to feel like all of the rules of creativity have changed.

Many of us are starting to lead beyond physical boundaries with teams around the city or country, and indeed across the world. How we embrace and succeed in the new ways of working, is about how we manage and enable creativity in a time when proximity and spontaneity may no longer be our secret weapon.

Here we look at what the pitfalls there may be as well as identify potential superpowers to nurture in order to keep creativity flowing.

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Date published: 8 February 2021 2021-02-08T13:50:23+0000


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How to maintain creativity in the age of remote working (AKA Learning to lead from a distance)