Eat Your Greens - on the Hot list!

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Something awesome this way comes: https://lnkd.in/d_nVWst

Yup, we’ve written a book!

And by ‘we’ I mean Rory Sutherland, Jerry Daikin, Wiemer Snijders, Sarah Newman, Shann Biglione, Mark Ritson, Peter Field, Rory Sutherland, Ryan Wallman, Tess Alps, Julian Cole, Becky McOwen-Banks, Anjali Ramachandran, Rich Siegel, Mark Earls, Eaon Pritchard, Robert van Ossenbruggen, Philip Graves, Brandon Towl, Phil Barden, Byron Sharp, Amy Wilson, Helen Edwards, Paul Feldwick, Richard Shotton, Kate Richardson, Adam Ferrier, Bob Hoffman, Kate Waters, Costas Papaikonomou, Tom Goodwin, Mark Barden, Doc Searls, Sue Unerman, Patricia McDonald, Gareth Price, Rosie (Siman) Yakob, Faris Yakob and me.



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