Becky Matthews Copywriter and Scriptwriter


Suede&Co founder Dee Maxwell approached me to help with the re-branding of her business.

The main focus was her Etsy About Story. I used a combination of bio details from Dee, as well as information I gathered from research to write a story that would appeal to her audience - people who appreciate hand crafted items. I brought elements of Dee's family history of crafting, as well as her love of colour and texture that sets her apart from more traditional ideas about how leather and suede accessories should look.

Sample copy
Welcome to Suede&Co, run by me, Dee Maxwell, an independent designer based in East London. All my products are bright, colourful and handcrafted in the heart of London using 100% genuine leather and suede sourced in the UK. Selected accessories can be personalised and made to order too. I love helping your vision come to life.
I like working with different colours and metallics and creating affordable luxury products. I also like to flip perceptions of what leather accessories can look like. They can be bright and playful, not just black or brown.


Suede &Co Etsy About Story