Working with BEcause, our VR experience was the centrepiece to the Boursin Sensorium roadshow, and included the integration of aroma machines, fans and 3D binaural sound to emphasise the feeling of actually being on a rollercoaster traversing through a well stocked fridge.

The journey takes users through different foods and ingredients helping to raise awareness of the Boursin flavours and complementary foods. Whistle through the herb forest, duck beneath the towering vegetables, wind round giant bottles of bubbly, and dive into the cheese.

We achieved a beautifully rendered experience using Unreal Engine 4 to bring the fridge to life with high resolution models, physical animation, atmospheric particle effects, lighting and post processing. The fruit and vegetables are at a scale you have never seen before, and required our team to undertake detailed studies for each item and physics simulations to assist the animations on everything from cucumbers to cranberries.

Immersive virtual reality is new to most people, and therefore comfort is key. So we needed to design the experience to ensure it was comfortable but still thrilling for users. Elements including speed, cornering, dives, and the proximity to environmental features were carefully tested and fine-tuned to provide a rollercoaster experience that achieved a balance between comfort and excitement.

In addition to the core VR experience, Hammerhead also developed an application for Boursin to film users reactions and then share these through YouTube, helping to amplify the campaign. We developed an application to collect users information and permissions as they filtered through the event space, and that allowed us to match users with their personal 6-second video.

We also produced a 360 video, captured within Unreal Engine 4 using cutting edge approaches to render the entire experience as a 360 video, making the experience available to users via their web browsers, smartphones, and on Google Cardboard or similar mobile VR headsets.

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