Inspiring a new generation of participants and fans.

We held workshops with board members and coaches, gathered opinion from BG stakeholders via questionnaires and also visited clubs to speak to the gymnasts – kids and parents, from beginners to elite. We knew we had to appeal to a broad demographic but also key was to identify our core audience. It became clear that these are the kids (and parents) reached via clubs and coaches. To engage with this audience we needed to formulate an identity that changed perceptions. A progressive shift from old to new without alienating current stakeholders.

‘More than a sport’
Gymnastics is a proud sport with a rich heritage. It is also seen as an art form and an expressive outlet for a vast army of recreational participants. BG, however, also needs to reach out to a new generation, and not simply traditional or rhythmic gymnastics but a new breed of street runners (parkour) and freestylers. Our proposition – ‘More than a sport’ is inclusive and future-proof for gymnastics on any level and across the many and varied disciplines.

We felt passionately that our new identity should convey human movement. BG should look fresh and dynamic – it should feel alive. To achieve this, we created our own set of unique images and animation. Each image is ‘motion captured’ from real gymnastic movements including twists, somersaults, flips and tumbles. Our new BG logo is a bespoke creation with a nod to the beauty and precision in a gymnast’s movement.

British Gymnastics CEO Jane Allen is excited about the sport’s new look and its future potential, “A lot has been said about the legacy of the Olympic Games. British Gymnastics has been driving a marketing and communications strategy for over 18 months to ensure our membership is ready to take advantage of the promotion our sport will receive throughout the UK. BG’s new brand is a major component of that strategy and we are convinced it will reach out and engage with existing members whilst inspiring a new generation of participants and fans.”

BEAR + British Gymnastics
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- Brand identity
- Brand architecture/language
- Brand guidelines
- Brand consultancy & guardianship
- Event branding
- Website design
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Project featured: on 6th January 2015

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