Beam Irwin Interior/​Prop Stylist


Home Style Magazine will be featuring my home for the June 2021 issue.

After getting our home in May 2019, I started doing many DIYs to make it feel that it is ours. The living room and and dining area has a nice open plan layout to begin with but the colours were a little bit dull. I injected life into it by adding a statement mantle and colourful accessories. My goal was to brighten up the space and make it a home that is joyful.

- I changed the layout of the room to allow more breathing space between furniture
- the walls were repainted by me and my husband
- the statement artworks in our home are made by me from paper scrap and depicting my favourite English Countryside
- the pastel rug was one of the first purchases we made and dictated the colour scheme of the room
- more conversation pieces were added like items brought from the Philippines for interest'
- I changed all the curtains to a track system to elevate the space


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