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Be The Fox were commissioned by EDF's digital agency Brilliant Noise to produce an influencer-led, six-part film series called Electric Adventures to raise awareness of EDF’s new electric vehicle proposition through compelling storytelling whilst subtly tackling common misconceptions around the EV marketplace e.g. a lack of charging stations. A key mission for our films was to create brand engagement for longer than the TV standard of 30 seconds.


The series featured some of the UK’s favourite digital influencers such as Love Island's Wes Nelson and Dr Alex George, Jim Chapman, Mother Pukka and The Michalaks on a British road trip around the UK – with a twist.

In each episode, an influencer was given an electric car and we filmed their adventure – challenging them to push the electric car to the limit and busting EV myths along the way. Shot in stunning locations around the UK, we also filmed each influencer taking on an adrenaline-fuelled activity - from jetlevving on a frozen lake in the East of England and skydiving with an 86-year old world record holder in Scotland through to a battery-powered night bike ride through the Peak District.

When filming, it was important we struck a careful balance between conveying the influencer’s entertaining personality in the most authentic way with delivering the brand message.

The size and scale of the production was epic. In total, our crew were on the road for an intense 24 days, filming at 67 different filming locations and covering 700 miles in 7 different electric vehicles. We worked around various challenges including weather conditions, daylight hours, electric car battery charging stops, filming in a nuclear power station, seagulls and the general public.


Nearly 2 million people in the UK viewed our Electric Adventures film series, with Episode 6 called Fission Impossible with Wes Nelson and Dr Alex George garnering over 800K views.

Our films achieved an impressive 3m 40s average view time - 733% over the target set – and particularly exceptional within the energy supplier category.

Diana Ellis-Hill, Co-Founder of Be The Fox and Series Director for Electric Adventures, said: “We're extremely proud of the engaging, authentic and creative stories we’ve told in the Electric Adventures film series, working in a truly collaborative way with Brilliant Noise to position EDF as a leader in low carbon energy and electric travel."


Nominated for Best Use of Video at the Influencer Marketing Awards
Nominated for two Drum DADI Awards
Shortlisted for a DMA Award

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